Unveiling the future of property investment: insights from The Property Show 2023

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Unveiling the future of property investment: insights from The Property Show 2023

The demand for affordable homes near economic hubs is driving the growth of the sectional title development market. Young adults are looking for secure, lock-up-and-go properties, and shared spaces are becoming popular due to their sense of community and affordability. In fact, micro private units in developments with co-working and co-living spaces are on the rise. When it comes to property, the journey from dream to reality can be a maze of uncertainties. Enter the Property Show, an annual event that not only highlights top-tier property brands but also serves as an educational beacon for property enthusiasts. This year’s theme “Building tomorrow, together” resonated powerfully with everyone who attended, as property continues to be a short and long-term investment for millions of South Africans every day.

Held at the Sandton Convention Centre over November 18-19, the show attracted over 40 exhibitors, and had an impressive initial prediction of 8000 delegates. It was the nexus for property aficionados, whether they were aspiring homeowners, seasoned investors, knowledgeable landlords and trustees or other role players in this space.

Amidst the exhibitors, stalwarts like Absa, Betterbond, Just Property and SA Property Investors Network took the stage, joined by an illustrious line-up of players spanning the property value chain. Real Estate Agencies, Bond Originators, Banks, Developers, Conveyancers, Insurance Providers, Home Security specialists and more contributed their expertise to the mosaic of offerings.

The demographic breakdown of attendees unveiled intriguing statistics: a near-even split between genders, with a majority identifying as landlords (55%), followed by first-time home buyers (26%), tenants (11%) and sellers (8%).

The crux of the event revolved around two fundamental objectives: education and transaction. Education was delivered in spades through high-quality sessions, which were led by credible industry leaders and aimed to empower attendees with the right information. Transaction, on the other hand, facilitated connections between consumers and service providers within the property sphere.

An important session was hosted by TRACS, titled “Education in the community scheme space” which was tailored specifically to first-time home buyers. The TRACS panel spearheaded insightful discussions, providing valuable insights for those navigating the labyrinth of sectional title property investment and management.

STS further contributed to the education of attendees with 3 different topics over the two days, in 2 different theatres, namely, First Time Home Buyers Theatre and The Investor Theatre

Importantly, these sessions by STS and TRACS were extremely well received. As a result of our teams’ hard work, positive comments, burgeoning interest in our services, and intent for collaboration were key outcomes of the event. The show proved to be a fertile ground for potential partnerships and synergies, with industry bigwigs expressing keen interest in both TRACS and STS offerings.

A paramount revelation that emerged from the show was the pivotal role that education plays in securing property investments, particularly within the burgeoning Sectional Title sector. While drawn to its accessibility and potential, many investors remain oblivious to crucial role players and legal intricacies within these schemes. This knowledge gap, if left unaddressed, jeopardises the security of their investments. STS and TRACS emerged as beacons of guidance, emphasising the importance of understanding the roles and responsibilities within community schemes. Armed with our knowledge, investors can not only safeguard their investments, but also contribute significantly to enhancing the desirability and value of their community scheme properties.

The Property Show 2023 was a resounding success, marking a triumphant stride for STS and TRACS in their collective mission to revolutionise the property market. Our collaborative offerings stand as a testament to innovation, education, and empowerment in an industry where knowledge truly translates into wealth.