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STS offers exclusive outdoor advertising solutions to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations that are looking for an alternative income generating solution. Our solution includes digital outdoor advertising, building wraps and billboards.

STS works with our clients to reduce the financial burden of unexpected costs by utilising the space on the outside perimeter of complexes as an advertising medium. STS assess, installs and markets each site through our network of advertising and media contacts.

The initial installation and production of the advertising medium is fully funded by STS, making our solution a revenue generator once sold to an advertiser. Advertising revenue increases property value and can be utilised to reduce levies, ultimately increasing salability and rentability of property.

The STS outdoor advertising solution facilitates revenue creation for residential estates, that can assist with:

Building of cash reserves (as required by legislation)
Raising funds for common property expenditure
Creating surplus funds for capital projects
Revenue shortfalls created by non-paying unit owners
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