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Privacy Policy

Collection Of Personal Information

ST Solutions (Pty) Ltd collects and disseminates personal information so that we can administer our client relationships and provide services. Your personal information may be shared with third party service providers, partners, and/or consultants mentioned or not mentioned on this website. It is your responsibility to advise us if any of this information must not be shared with any particular service provider, partner, and/or consultant.

Other Disclosures

ST Solutions (Pty) Ltd may communicate personal information to:
Third party service providers, consultants, and/or partners, but only those that are absolutely necessary to have your information, those that are linked to the specific solution for which you have contacted ST Solutions (Pty) Ltd, and any other rationally related entity in order to provide this particular solution to you, which includes clients in the lending opportunity;

ST Solutions (Pty) Ltd may be obliged to disclose information by law, e.g. under Court Orders or Notices in Government Gazettes, specifically pursuant to taxation and/or other financial and compliance laws, with

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