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Sectional Title Solutions – the SMARTER way to get connected!

We’ve had exciting things happen at STS over the past year! After months of collaboration and innovative thinking, we’re pleased to announce that through our partnerships with Vox Telecom and Frogfoot, we have expanded our Fibre-To-The-Home solution to enable our clients to enjoy smarter living options within their scheme. These recent partnerships bring a Smart Technology solution offering that includes Fibre-To-The-Home installations, Visitor Management, and Remote Security and Surveillance solutions.

Fibre-To-The-Home Installation

Increased data usage and new technologies require better bandwidth. The speed and capacity of fibre can support the growing demand for these. A fast internet connection is becoming increasingly attractive to prospective homeowners both globally and in South Africa.

With our fibre-to-the-home installation, you can enjoy better speeds, smarter living, and increased security whilst adding to the desirability and value of your property. The infrastructure is fully funded and maintained and allows for super-fast internet connectivity at your fingertips.

Visitor Management

The Visitor Management Solution (“VMS”) for community schemes is a cost-effective and user-friendly security solution that enables clients to manage and control visitor access via a smartphone app or online portal.

Additional features include a built-in reporting tool, bulk messaging platform, and workflow management tool, providing residential estates with a means to accurately control visitor data. Save costs and reduce the need for security guards in smaller estates and townhouses by using PIN access through gate keypads integrated with CCTV. This is also more cost-effective than the more traditional click-on access control systems. Our dynamic solutions also include panic button alerts for unit owners, video and license plate integration, push and pin access notifications, scanning options, and online and mobile apps.

Remote Security and Surveillance

Our security and surveillance solution is pioneering the way forward in CCTV monitoring. It is controlled by professional industry-accredited personnel and provides immediate re-action to alarm incidents through public or directed IP communication to the actual site by alerting armed response emergency services and the SAPS where applicable.

The CCTV security and surveillance solution is a remote monitoring and management tool that communicates via an existing or new fibre connection. It offers the expertise to scope, design, install, manage and monitor CCTV, alarm, access control, and industrial control systems using a single platform. This is just another step in our master plan of growing our value-add solutions to our STS Community that will cut costs, increase the bottom line for clients, and maximise their property value.