Creating a smart home for smart women: tips for full-time work-from-home moms

smart home for smart moms

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Creating a smart home for smart women: tips for full-time work-from-home moms

With most of us being homebound, our places of solace and comfort have become the sole location for everything we do in our daily lives.

For the most part, working from home has some benefits; top of mind for many is that you have complete command of the air conditioning. The routine has changed, no morning rush to work after the dreaded school runs, only to repeat the rush again in the afternoon back home to pick up the children from school and make it back home with enough time to put your chef hat on – Phew!

The downside, unfortunately, is that many women inherit “tiny colleagues” at home – and they are needier than Steve from finance. If the thought of working from home with your child or children seems frightening, you are not alone. Children demand around-the-clock attention. The daily challenge of feeding, caring for, and educating children is strenuous and a full-time job in itself. Add the stress of earning a salary and feeling fulfilled in your career, and it becomes truly daunting. Solutions to mitigate this new, complex way of living that work for each family are unique and can be hard to come by.

Smart Technology could be the start to streamlining your days at home as a super employee and mom. You require a fast internet connection to do almost anything from home. With fibre’s lightning-fast speed, you can work hassle free from home with buffer-free online meetings, reduced call rates via VOIP, and uploading/downloading files and documents with ease. With a fast internet connection, children can also enjoy hours of edutainment by downloading and streaming videos and games in HD quality.

Now that we have established the essential role of a super-fast fibre connection in the new remote working reality, here are our top 5 tips for remote working moms:

1. Create a workspace

Some people work better in a dedicated room with a desk, two monitors, a printer and a cup full of pens at hand. Other people like to be more flexible, moving from being propped up in bed on pillows, to the kitchen counter and or to the couch with only their laptop and a cup of coffee. Figure out what works best for you and do what you can to make that happen by creating a space where you can be most productive.

2. Get your new “tiny colleagues” on the same page

It is essential to talk to everyone in the household — spouses or partners, parents, children, even pets (they won’t listen, but you can try) — about how you can support one another. If you and your partner are both working, make sure you’re sharing the load on household responsibilities, talk about your schedules and your goals so you can get on the same page. Help children plan their daily schedule, set up a good workspace, and establish goals for the day or week.

3. Set some realistic goals

Assume that everything will take longer than it usually does to get done. How much longer may depend on the day, on the kids, or a variety of other factors. Adjust your expectations about what you can get done in a day. Make a list of your daily priorities, followed by the things you’d like to get done, and things you’d like to work on if you have time. Take satisfaction in each item you scratch off.

4. Flexible schedule

Granted, not everyone can fully control their schedules, but if you can wake up a little earlier to get in a few hours of uninterrupted work before the kids are underfoot. Or, if you are nocturnal (night owl), you might be able to tackle some tasks after bedtime routines are over. Adjust your schedule where you can.

5. Lastly, take breaks

Whether from work or family (or both), don’t forget to take breaks- self-care is pivotal to survival! Humans need regular breaks from focused activities to recharge. Take a power nap, read a book or magazine, go for a walk around the complex (mask on), meditate, have a yoga session or make yourself a snack. Use your calendar to block off these essential breaks.

Remember, your children need breaks too. If possible, coordinate some of your breaks with your partner and family to amp up family time. Go for a family walk, play a quick game, have group snack time, or even watch some funny videos together. Taking time away from work and school together or apart can help you reconnect and refocus.

If anything, you want your home to be a seamless environment where you can productively work and thoroughly relax. Faster internet can bring you one step closer to realising your smart, integrated home dream. The rest is one giant experiment currently, so try new ideas, test them out, and then tweak them to suit your household.

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