Sectional Title Solutions partners with GLOVent to offer community schemes more!

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Category: Smart Technology

Sectional Title Solutions partners with GLOVent to offer community schemes more!

Sectional Title Solutions (STS), a provider of value-add solutions to sectional title schemes, bodies corporate and homeowners’ associations (“community schemes”) across South Africa, is proud to announce an industry-changing partnership with GLOVent, a leader in community management systems.

The basis of this new partnership is a reciprocal marketing and advertising arrangement which will allow both parties to expand their solution offerings, resulting in both organisations offering community schemes more.

Community management is no small task, there are a lot of moving parts, from administrative tasks down to utility management. There is a need for a single platform that encompasses all of these moving parts to remove the headache of database management. To this end, GLOVent has been the leader in community management systems since 2006, with more than 600 community scheme clients utilising their platform. The platform enhances community lifestyle by providing one integrated state-of-the-art solution, that improves community management efficiency.

At the core of the Community Management System (CMS) offered by GLOVent, are payment solutions and a host of information (database) management systems. Community schemes can manage their finance modules on the platform, which makes it easier to manage the reserve funds and the accounting system. For the safety and security of the scheme, the platform also hosts security modules like visitor management, mobile emergency, and resident access integration. The platform also includes infrastructure modules for utility management and marketing modules that assist in property sales management. And finally, the all-in-one system assists with admin intensive tasks like business processes and electronic voting.

STS is a one-stop-shop for community scheme value add solutions. The STS suite of solutions, namely innovative Funding and Treasury, Efficient Energy, Smart Technology, Legal Advisory and a host of other service solutions, will now be incorporated into the GLOVent CMS. The suite of Smart Technology solutions currently being offered by STS will also benefit from the addition of GLOVent’s platform of integrated specialised modules. Clients will benefit from the ease of access and management of the STS value add solutions on this single, all-encompassing platform. Ensuring that they go from surviving to thriving. The CMS consists of an admin web interface and a member mobile application, available on the Google, Apple, and Huawei Stores. Meaning you have instant access in the palm of your hands and a touch of a button at any time of day.

We offer significant value propositions to our clients nationwide that embody over 150 years of combined experience within the community scheme property sectors. But our success is predominantly due to our focus on strategic partnerships with market-leading service providers to enhance the quality of life for our community schemes.

BRADLEY MASON Business Development & Integration Manager at STS

The partnership has significant benefits for any community scheme looking to centralise all its management processes. Both organisations are community-centric and have designed all offerings to suit your community scheme’s requirements.