Innovative outdoor advertising solutions for your brand and scheme

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Innovative outdoor advertising solutions for your brand and scheme

In today’s dynamic advertising landscape, Sectional Title Solutions (STS) offers community schemes and advertisers a forward-thinking approach to outdoor advertising that seamlessly integrates brands into communal spaces while delivering tangible benefits. Here’s why our Fully Funded Advertising Equipment Agreement (FFAEA) and non-intrusive branding strategies are transforming community environments:

FFAEA: 5 Practical reasons to fall in love

Our meticulously crafted agreement ensures clarity and fairness between STS and community schemes, covering critical aspects from installation to financial transactions, ensuring a win-win-win for all:

  1. Risk and liability management: The agreement prioritises the scheme’s interests by assigning ownership and risk of equipment to STS. This shields the scheme from financial burdens associated with loss or damage unless this is due to negligence.
  2. Passive revenue generation: Community schemes benefit from a revenue-sharing model without upfront investment. STS manages advertising operations, sourcing advertisers and handling equipment maintenance, allowing schemes to profit effortlessly.
  3. Minimal operational disruption: STS takes full responsibility for equipment installation, maintenance, and removal. This minimises disruption to daily operations, crucial for residential and high-traffic commercial areas.
  4. Control over advertising content: Schemes retain control over advertising content, ensuring ads align with community values. They have the right to object to specific ads within specified guidelines, preserving the property’s aesthetic.
  5. Transparent billing and payment: Detailed provisions outline how advertising fees are calculated and paid, providing schemes with financial predictability and clarity for budgeting.

Embracing non-intrusive branding in community spaces

Consumers today prefer integrated, non-intrusive advertising that adds value to their surroundings. STS enhances community spaces through eco-friendly branded elements like benches and picnic tables, offering lasting benefits with sustainability in mind:

  1. Enhanced community value: Branded facilities improve communal aesthetics and functionality, making spaces more inviting for residents and visitors alike.
  2. Positive brand association: Brands benefit from associating with community enhancements, fostering positive public perception and brand loyalty.
  3. Sustained engagement: Permanent fixtures like branded benches provide ongoing exposure without disruption, reinforcing brand recognition over time.
  4. Socially responsible advertising: Investing in community-centric projects demonstrates corporate responsibility, appealing to modern consumers who prioritise brands that contribute positively to society.

Sectional Title Solutions’ outdoor advertising solutions redefine how brands interact with community spaces. By integrating non-intrusive branding and offering a comprehensive, risk-free advertising model, STS enhances community aesthetics while supporting sustainable, consumer-centric advertising strategies. Discover how our solutions can transform your community scheme today.

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