Green living is more appealing

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Green living is more appealing

Climate discussions are no longer reserved for conversations between conspiracy theorists, actors, hippies and teenage activists. The impact of changing weather patterns and shrinking resources on economies and food security is evident all over the world.

Environmental awareness initiatives are being implemented on all levels of society. Governments are including sustainability in legislation and implementing enforcement measures. Businesses are pledging to reduce the negative impact of their activities on the environment as part of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies.

Sustainability initiatives are also adopted in different spheres of the property sector. Developers, property managers and savvy investors are recognising the desirability of environmentally friendly properties and developments for purchasers and tenants.

Features that reduce demand on natural resources and carbon footprint are an excellent way for community schemes to boost eco-living and property value. One way for complexes and estates can promote sustainability is by switching to recycled materials for equipment and infrastructure.

Plastic is not fantastic

Plastic is used to make anything from cigarette filters, food packaging, and disposable nappies to car seats. We all recognise the devastating impact that plastic pollution has on our environment. It takes ages to decompose and clogs up our waterways and oceans, filling up our landfills and literally choking wildlife. The production of plastic significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that result in climate change. Additionally, tiny particles of microplastics are now found everywhere, including our bodies, the ocean and our food.

It makes sense that a drastic reduction in the production of the material is needed to address the scourge of plastic pollution. However, what do we do with the tons of plastic that are already in circulation? Plastic recycling lessens the demand to produce more plastic in manufacturing.

STS values sustainability

We take our responsibility towards the environment and preserving our natural resources very seriously. Sustainability forms part of our culture and values. It is therefore a major consideration in how we conduct our business processes and choose our partners. At the same time, we also base our business processes and product offering on helping community schemes thrive.

Our solutions are designed to help your community scheme attain a greener footprint for the benefit of the environment and your wallet. The Outdoor Advertising Solution is an eco-friendly solution that ticks all these boxes. We deliver, install, maintain and insure a range of outdoor furniture including park benches, picnic tables and waste bins at no cost to the scheme.

Community schemes can also earn advertising income from some of our carefully selected advertising partners on the infrastructure. To top it all, the furniture is made from one hundred percent recycled plastic waste.

Beautiful like wood, but better

Our suppliers produce our range of outdoor furniture right here in South Africa. Polypropylene plastic is collected directly from landfills, removing it from our environment. This kind of plastic is commonly used to produce packaging material.

After collection, the plastic is sorted, washed, and decontaminated in the factory to ensure safety and purity. The material is then melted down and recycled into plastic “timber” pellets. The pellets are used to manufacture pallets that look like those traditionally made of wood and can be drilled and sawed in the same way.

A team of professionals assemble our outdoor furniture from these plastic timber pallets. Each piece of equipment is designed with the utmost care and consideration, resulting in durable, sturdy, and resilient products that carry a lifetime guarantee.

Because the material is made from one hundred percent recycled plastic, the drawbacks of wood or wood composite materials are eliminated. The product does not contain any wood chippings that can absorb water and is therefore completely weather- and waterproof. The material does not warp, splinter or rot, and is not prone to insect infestation or bacterial contamination, making it safe and hygienic. There is no need for storage and/or maintenance like painting or treatment to keep a high-quality appearance of authentic wood.

The equipment is built to withstand high traffic usage that can be expected in common property areas. Simply rinse the furniture off with a hose or wash it with gentle soap and water without compromising the attractive real wood appearance. The furniture is resilient against sunshine, highveld thunderstorms or sand, sea spray and salt water at the coast.

The lifespan of plastic “timber” furniture is up to 20 times longer than that of real wood, so your community scheme would also save on replacement costs. However, should the time come when you would like to replace the furniture, you can rest assured that the furniture itself is also recyclable.

What better way to show how your community scheme supports environmentally friendly initiatives than making use of recycled plastics that would have otherwise ended up polluting the environment?

Contact us today to order your community scheme’s maintenance- and hassle-free outdoor furniture, and create eco-friendly shared spaces to enjoy for many years to come.