Getting solar installed in your community scheme

Solar panels on roofs

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Getting solar installed in your community scheme

South African households are plagued by unpredictable power outages that last for hours, sometimes days. They also endure scheduled electricity cuts, known as load shedding or load reduction, where power is rationed to relieve pressure on the system and prevent complete collapse. The price of electricity has also put a lot of pressure on households financially, resulting in a higher tariff for an unreliable power supply. Fortunately, it is not a situation that we have to just grin and bear. All the above, paired with the contrasting viability of renewable energy, has led to more and more community schemes switching to solar as a means to decrease their reliance on the unreliable grid.

So how does solar get installed in your community scheme?

Buying, installing and maintaining solar panels and energy storage units can be a costly undertaking. Depending on the power requirements of your community scheme, the cost could go well over millions of rands. Together with our partners, Bright Light Solar (Pty) Ltd, Sectional Title Solutions (STS) provides community schemes with a utility solution through an Electricity Services and Supply Agreement (“ESSA”).  An ESSA gives you peace of mind to enjoy cheaper, cleaner energy without the hassle. We agree to provide you with a fully funded, maintained and insured solar system and you agree to pay us for monthly electricity usage at a guaranteed lower price than your current council rate. This approach provides relief, and reduces your dependence on Eskom, as well as creating immediate, much-needed savings for your community scheme.

Once your community scheme contacts us with the specific energy needs and the current utility bills, our solar specialists will conduct a feasibility study to ensure switching to solar is possible for your community scheme. Post the feasibility study, we design an optimal solar solution based on your energy requirements and present you with a bespoke proposal.

The Electricity Services and Supply Agreement (“ESSA”)

An ESSA, specifically aligned with the sectional title legislation or the governing documentation (MOI/Constitution or Estate Rules) of your homeowners’ association, is a long-term service and supply agreement between us and your community scheme. It enables you to buy 100% of our solar PV produced electricity at a fixed and lower tariff than the national grid rate. Saving you money from day one.

Our offering does not require any upfront capital expenditure, we fully fund it by raising funds from private individuals, corporate entities and trusts that invest in long-term solar projects. We effectively fund, insure, maintain and monitor the solar infrastructure and provide you with the opportunity to purchase cheaper, cleaner energy. Our solar energy solution is designed to reduce costs, add value and promote green energy, whilst increasing your property value.

The key benefits included in our solar energy solution are:

  • A fully funded solar energy solution
  • No up-front capital expenditure
  • Inclusive of insurance costs
  • Maintenance of the infrastructure is included
  • Immediate financial benefit by increasing cash flow
  • Utilising the free, abundant energy of the sun

We are fully equipped to assist in the installation of solar projects on rooftops, carports, or any other unused space in your community scheme. We fully customise our solution to fit your space and energy requirements, and our team of experts is always on-hand to attend to any queries or maintenance requirements. By providing this unique solar solution, we believe we can make a positive difference in the future of South Africa.