Enhanced security going into the Festive Season

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Category: Smart Technology

Enhanced security going into the Festive Season

The holiday season is upon us, and you are likely looking forward to some time off from work and a well-deserved break. But have you considered protecting your community scheme during this time when some unit owners become lackadaisical, go away or are busy with festive celebrations? While the police usually institute precautionary measures for the holiday season, property-related crimes such as burglary and house robberies are more likely to occur when people are away or let their guard down.

Luckily technology has evolved to meet the security and lifestyle requirements of homeowners. Better security for your home should never be an afterthought, although we understand that security upgrades to your community scheme can be a costly exercise. This is why our Smart Technology solutions can be fully funded.

We offer several solutions that enhance the overall security of your community scheme, but there are some considerations you should make as an owner. Connectivity (stable and fast fibre line) is the first step to an abundance of remote security and surveillance implementations for your community scheme’s safety this festive season. A fibre optic network allows for CCTV cameras to be installed throughout the community scheme giving you a live surveillance feed for effective security monitoring. CCTV cameras play a significant part in improving the overall security in communities and therefore assist in reducing crime.

Here are a few of our solutions to protect your family and your property this festive season:

Visitor Management Solution (VMS):

for community schemes is a cost-effective and user-friendly security solution that enables you to manage and control visitor access to your community scheme via a smartphone app or online portal. Additional features include a built-in reporting tool, a bulk messaging platform, and a workflow management tool, providing community schemes with a means to accurately control visitor data. With our PIN access and CCTV feature, you can also save costs by reducing the need for security guards in smaller estates and townhouses. This PIN system is also more cost-effective compared with the more traditional click-on access control systems

Our smart solution in partnership with VOX Telecom, includes various other features such as panic button alerts for owners; video and license plate integration; push and PIN access notifications; scanning options; and online and mobile apps.

Remote Security and Surveillance Solution:

in partnership with VOX Telecom, we are pioneering the way forward in-home monitoring. The solution is a remote monitoring and management tool that communicates via existing or new fibre connections installed in your community scheme. This system is controlled by professional industry accredited personnel and provides immediate reaction to alarm incidents through public or directed IP communication, by alerting armed response emergency services and even the SAPS where applicable.

Our team have the experience and expertise necessary to scope, design, install, manage and monitor your CCTV, alarm, and access control system.

Home security is an extremely important consideration for South African homeowners given the national crime rates, which worsen during the festive season. Not only do smart security solutions increase the safety of the community scheme, but many buyers are choosing to invest into schemes solely based on the level of security and community that this sort of property provides.

Contact us today to upgrade your security system and increase the investment value of your property.