Efficient energy to help power up your wallet and mental health

Solar panels and battery energy storage units in a sunny field

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Efficient energy to help power up your wallet and mental health

As of 1 April 2023, cash-strapped consumers in South Africa have been dealt another blow as Eskom’s 18.65% price hike came into effect. This came on the back of repeated interest rate hikes and the rising cost of living, all contributing to homeowners’ financial stress.

The tariff increase only adds insult to injury following months of daily load-shedding, which is predicted to become even worse. Rolling power cuts continue to cause significant disruption to our daily lives, damage to appliances due to power surges, and increased security risks. It also has a devastating impact on businesses and the economy. Meanwhile, insurance companies have started capping amounts or increasing excesses for load-shedding related claims.

This ongoing problem has been a significant source of stress for citizens, particularly in the current difficult economic climate. According to a recent study, the country’s energy crisis has been linked to depression, anxiety, and even fatal psychological consequences. The uncertainty caused by rapid changes in the stages of load-shedding has disrupted daily routines, made it challenging to plan activities, and led to increased anxiety and frustration. Many people feel helpless in the face of the situation as we have no control over the frequent power outages.

Given all the above, it seems ludicrous that we are paying more for electricity while receiving less power. Since the start of the year, we hardly had any days without load-shedding, with stage 6 becoming a common occurrence. We are understandably concerned about what the colder months would mean for our electricity supply. It is important to recognise the toll that continued load-shedding and rising electricity costs are taking on people’s mental health and to consider solutions that can alleviate this burden.

Don’t despair, there is light at the end of the tunnel

Load-shedding is clearly not going anywhere in the foreseeable future and further electricity price hikes are on the cards for the coming years. Being proactive and considering an alternative energy supply for your home makes more sense than ever.

Efficient Energy Solutions offer relief to those seeking to reduce their dependence on Eskom and save on electricity costs. In the past year, solar power has become the go-to alternative energy solution for businesses and homeowners looking for a cheaper and more stable source of energy.

Apart from load-shedding and rising electricity tariffs, the tax incentives announced in the finance minister’s budget speech of 1 March 2023 have contributed to a sense of urgency to have solar installed, as the rebate is only valid for one year. Regrettably, this increased demand has resulted in a shortage of solar panels, mainly due to delays in the importation of panels. Although supply is expected to increase in the next few months, it is also expected that the price of panels would increase.

The tax incentives for will also only apply to individuals, not entire bodies corporate. Although it is possible for homeowners to install solar for their individual units, the initial capital outlay and complicated process may be prohibitive. However, by entering an electricity service and supply agreement with us, the entire community scheme can still benefit from solar power, with the cost being spread over all unit owners. Our tariffs are also up to 30% cheaper than that of the national power supplier.

Solar for community schemes

The electricity used on common property in community schemes is paid by the body corporate and forms part of unit owners’ levies. Some common examples of energy use may include swimming pools, garden services, lights, and electric fences.

Together with our partners, Bright Light, we have assisted many community schemes to gain a more reliable energy supply and much-needed savings with our Solar and Efficient Energy Solutions. These savings can supplement any maintenance/upgrade funds or result in significantly cheaper levies for unit owners.

We install the equipment at our own cost, and you only pay us for monthly electricity usage at a lower cost than your current council tariff. We not only fully fund the equipment and installation, but we also offer insurance and ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure. Real-time monitoring and reporting are included at no additional cost, ensuring that the system runs optimally and you only pay for the electricity you use.

Battery storage for even more peace of mind

For one to be less reliant on the grid and mitigate the impact of load-shedding, a battery energy storage solution (BESS) needs to accompany the solar installation. Depending on the feasibility and your scheme’s storage requirements, we can help you add a Battery Backup and Storage Solution to your solar system.

The battery storage unit stores up solar energy, ensuring power stability for several hours. Community schemes can discharge the battery to use the stored energy when needed.

The battery backup solution also helps save additional costs through tariff arbitrage. Charging the battery during low electricity demand times and discharging it during high demand times have the additional advantage of cutting electricity costs even further.

Are you ready to switch to efficient energy?

At STS we understand the need for community schemes to cut costs, secure a more reliable source of energy supply while increasing property value. Our team of specialist consultants are always happy to assist you with a tailor-made efficient energy solution for your community scheme to help reduce the impact of load-shedding on mental health and finances. Get in touch if you are ready to take back your quality of life and peace of mind.