Trustee and arrear levy lifelines

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Trustee and arrear levy lifelines

In today’s economy, managing a body corporate is more challenging than ever—just ask the trustees!

Effective financial management is critical for any sectional title scheme, yet many bodies corporate find themselves in a cash flow deficit. Trustees face tough financial decisions in their fiduciary roles, often resulting in deferred projects on energy efficiency, building improvements, and even essential repairs and maintenance. This neglect can lead to a loss of asset value for all owners.

How can trustees ensure operational functionality without overburdening paying owners while maintaining their fiduciary responsibilities? And how can trustees be protected from personal costs that they may have to incur as a result of their official duties, such as in defending legal action taken against them by disgruntled owners or residents?

Watch as Fausto Di Palma, our Chief Legal Officer, joins Marina Constas, founder of  WiST, to explore practical solutions and innovative, bespoke funding options to support trustees in their critical roles. Our goal is to empower and support you with accurate information so you can make informed decisions that safeguard the financial health of your community scheme.