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STS, in partnership with Bright Light Solar VCC, specialises in providing cost effective fully funded solar energy solutions to gated residential estates, offering our clients the opportunity to access cheaper cleaner energy.

Solar is not only the best renewable energy solution currently, but it also provides your residential estate with an energy solution that reduces carbon emissions. There has never been a better time to install Bright Light Solar.

Benefits of our fully funded solar solution:

No upfront capital expenditure required
Guaranteed electricity savings from first month
Increase in property value
No maintenance or insurance costs
Performance guarantees on equipment
Real time monitoring of the performance, to ensure full benefit passes to the client
Carport structures may be included depending on feasibility of the project

The tariff we charge to clients, if feasible, is lower than the clients’ current council tariff, meaning that our clients benefit from energy savings from the first day. Lower than council annual escalations are guaranteed.

We effectively fund, insure, maintain and monitor the solar infrastructure and provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase cheaper, cleaner energy from the solar installation.

Speak to us about your energy requirements. We offer:

    • Fully funded solar solutions.
    • Financed generators (catering for only common property, or the entire residential estate).
    • Battery storage solutions.

STS can provide you with battery backup and storage solutions, as well as backup generator solutions (which can be financed through us), simultaneously with our fully funded solar solutions.

Shed those power outage “outrages” and contact us now to start reducing your energy costs and secure your estates’ energy future.

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