Solar for residential complexes

Solar panels on the roofs of garages and units in a sectional title scheme

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Category: Solar and Efficient

Solar for residential complexes

The past cold months, tariff hikes, and unpredictable load-shedding issues have shown residential homeowners that it is a good idea to look into alternative electricity and heating solutions. Powering your home with a renewable energy source like solar has several benefits. With solar, you not only reduce your utility bill but also increase the value of your home and contribute to the green economy by reducing your carbon footprint.

In community schemes, the energy used by the communal property forms part of unit owners’ levies and is paid for by the body corporate. Typically, this accounts for significant energy usage from the communal swimming pool, garden services, lights, electric fencing, and geysers, all of which run 24/7. Energy generated through solar panels can sustain the energy requirements of your complex and reduce your scheme’s reliance on the national grid.

Why you should choose solar?

Solar relies on the ever-present sun, while conventional energy relies on burning fossil fuels. While we can’t predict the weather, we can confidently say that South Africa is well-positioned to provide enough sun throughout the year to make our solution a viable and reliable one.

Furthermore, the sun cannot be monetized and is a free resource. Our efficient energy and solar solutions are in line with this, and do not require any upfront capital expenditure from you as we fully fund the infrastructure and maintenance. STS has partnered with Bright Light, which achieves this free installation through funds raised by private individuals, corporate entities, and trusts that want to invest in long-term solar projects in South Africa. Solar is the obvious choice when wanting to cut back on costs whilst also increasing the appeal and value of your property – making it a wise investment decision.

Installing solar panels helps combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduces our collective dependence on fossil fuels. When fossil fuels are burned to produce electricity, they emit harmful gases that are the primary cause of air pollution. Not only are fossil fuels bad for the environment, but they are also finite resources. Because of this, the price is constantly fluctuating and can increase in a short time. Solar is the obvious choice when wanting to cut back on costs while contributing to the green economy. Future generations will benefit greatly from the smart living choices we make today, so we must choose to live wisely now.

Our offering

Sectional Title Solutions (a provider of value-add living solutions for community schemes) offers affordable clean energy solutions to residential complexes. The offer is simple, we install the equipment at our own cost, whilst you only pay us for monthly electricity usage at a guaranteed lower price than your current council tariff.

With us, you can purchase cheaper, cleaner energy and ultimately save the body corporate a lot of money. These savings can supplement any maintenance/upgrade funds, or result in significantly cheaper levies for unit owners. We not only fully fund the equipment and installation, but we offer ongoing maintenance of the infrastructure. To ensure that you only pay for what you use, we provide real-time monitoring and reporting at no additional cost to you.

We are passionate about solar and the potential benefits it has for our country and the planet as a whole. To us, choosing solar over conventional energy solutions is a no-brainer. We see it as a “win-win-win” scenario, where you get to cut costs while contributing positively to the environment – leaving a lasting green legacy for future generations to enjoy.