Project funding: a case study

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Project funding: a case study

Community schemes are often left in the unenviable position where they require an urgent ad-hoc service or project to be completed, but don’t necessarily have the funds in reserve at the time for this to happen. Raising a special levy is also not always possible. Securing project funding may be the best option to protect property value and/or prevent building decay.

Accessing funding provides the community scheme and its unit owners with the flexibility required to implement and commence with capital improvement and/or maintenance-related projects. Funding also provides those unit owners who cannot afford to pay their special levy amount upfront the opportunity to pay over a period that suits their financial circumstances, without
prejudicing unit owners that can afford to pay upfront.

In this video, Sales and Business Development Manager, Bradley Mason, and Solutions Consultant, Ane Schmidt discuss a case where we were able to offer a community scheme a bespoke project funding solution suited to their needs. The scheme could commence with a large capital project without delay. They also had the opportunity to choose a repayment period based on their unique circumstances.


Sales and Business Development Manager


Solutions Consultant