Aesthetic implications of installing solar panels in your community scheme

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Category: Solar and Efficient

Aesthetic implications of installing solar panels in your community scheme

The majority of community schemes have special rules in place to promote uniformity within the scheme itself. Usually, a scheme’s conduct and management rules do not permit any deviation that will create aesthetic contrast between the exteriors of units (such as the different aesthetic effects that different kinds of solar panels might have).

Any deviation or change to the external appearance of the section, where such changes would detract from the appearance of the common property could warrant the imposition of a fine. Furthermore, the unit owner in question may be requested or demanded to remove the panels and/or equipment from the property at their cost.

What if the entire scheme is looking to reduce reliance on the national grid but is concerned about the aesthetic impact solar panels will have on your property?

The best option for most community schemes is a single large solar power plant or multiple plants to serve the whole complex – What this means is that, aesthetically, there isn’t much deviation for most of the exteriors of the buildings. The solar panels are installed only on the designated buildings and or structures (like carports), which keeps the uniformity of most of the units.

Why should your community scheme get solar?

The rising price of electricity paired with the unstable and unpredictable supply of energy in South Africa is one of the most significant challenges we face. Now more than ever, homeowners need to seek out ways to cut unnecessary costs and what better way to do this than with the implementation of clean solar energy solutions.

On top of a reduced utility bill and a reliable energy source, solar energy relies entirely on gathering energy from the sun and converting it into electricity (or hot water) for use in our homes. Meaning it does not produce any greenhouse gases or contribute to global warming. It can reduce the carbon footprint of your home by 80% in one year. solar PV panels in essence are a badge of honour, showing that your community scheme is environmentally conscious and has reduced its carbon footprint.

At STS, in partnership with Bright Light Solar, we are fully equipped to assist in the installation of solar projects on rooftops, carports, or any other unused space in your community scheme. We fully customise our solution to fit your space and energy requirements, resulting in minimum aesthetic deviation whilst increasing the appeal and value of your property.