It’s time to dump Eskom and your generator, and fall in love with solar

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It’s time to dump Eskom and your generator, and fall in love with solar

We recently celebrated the month of love. Unfortunately, it is difficult to plan ahead for that romantic dinner or a ”Netflix and Chill” session if you don’t know if you will have electricity.  Imagine planning that special evening, getting all the ingredients and then not being able to cook it! Load-shedding has no regard for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, and the disruption and frustration it can cause in our lives are common occurrences.

It’s not you, it’s Eskom

South Africa has been entangled in a toxic relationship with Eskom for more than a decade. The country is faced with ever-increasing electricity shortages and has kicked off February 2022 with a bout of disrupting load-shedding. This, shortly after learning that Eskom plans on implementing a hefty price hike for the 2022/2023 financial year. We are being gaslit by a power utility that cannot be depended on to show up for any date, and Eskom’s load-shedding forecast for the rest of 2022 looks anything but rosy.

So long, generator

After years of dealing with Eskom’s unreliability, many people had turned to generators to try and regain some control and a stable energy supply. Unfortunately, they often found themselves disillusioned and disappointed by this rebound relationship with electricity too. Generators are expensive to buy and run, require maintenance and are noisy. They are also bad for the environment and emit harmful gasses into the atmosphere. Due to being considered a nuisance, many schemes do not even allow them, leaving unit owners in sectional titles schemes out in the cold during a power outage.

Hello there, solar!

Fortunately, consumers are not doomed to an unhappy relationship with Eskom, a generator, or being tied to the grid. Solar power offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to grid-based power supply. Increasingly more community schemes have already flipped the switch on Eskom by installing solar to generate a constant and renewable source of clean energy. Battery storage technology had also advanced to the point where it offers a viable solution for energy storage that you can depend on, even after the sun goes down.

Scheme executives and body corporates may be hesitant to pursue solar power due to perceived costs associated with buying, installing and maintaining solar panels and energy storage units. The associated administrative hassle to get the project approved and executed is another potential turn-off.

However, as part of our innovative solutions that help communities thrive, Sectional Title Solutions can help your scheme switch to solar and backup power with minimal hassle.

Let’s get some facts straight first:

1. Solar and battery storage installation does not need to be expensive

The installation of our solar solutions is fully funded by us. That’s right, we don’t require any upfront capital expenditure from the community scheme! You only pay for the solar energy you use. A battery storage solution can be included in the installation at a fixed monthly charge.

Not only will the solar installation generate savings from day one, but it will also increase the appeal and value of your property – making it a wise investment decision. Compared to rising electricity prices and the cost of buying and running a generator, installing solar already makes sense. Choosing solar is a “win win win” decision.

2. Insurance and maintenance of the equipment costs you nothing

Unlike your generator, STS’s efficient energy solution infrastructure is insured and maintained over the contract period. We offer unmatched service, through a team of experts that will attend to any queries or maintenance requirements.

3. Determining the right specifications for the scheme’s requirements is not a nightmare anymore

Our team will guide you every step of the way. Our partnerships with accredited solar PV providers allow us to customise the solar and backup power solution to fit your scheme’s space and energy requirements. We are fully equipped to install solar on rooftops, carports, or any other unused space in your scheme, and we offer real-time monitoring to ensure you receive the full benefit of the solution.

How can STS help you get into a healthy relationship with electricity?

STS offers affordable, hassle-free solar and battery solutions with great financing options, ensuring real savings and energy independence. Our solar energy solution is designed to reduce costs, add value and promote green energy, whilst increasing your property value. STS is the right partner to guide you through every step of the process of installing solar in your scheme. We have installed our fully funded solar solutions nationally and have many satisfied customers, currently enjoying their savings on electricity consumption.

If you have decided to move on from dirty fossil fuel generated power, and to secure your community scheme’s reliable and cost-effective electricity supply, contact us today and get turned on by electricity again!