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BC Funding Solutions (Pty) Ltd is part of the STS group and specialises in facilitating loan funding to Community Schemes, offering various lending solutions to clients that have underlying levy debtor problems, or require funding for municipal arrears, maintenance and/or capital projects, but whose unit owners cannot immediately raise the necessary upfront cash.

Our primary goal is to understand the funding requirements of your unique Body Corporate and provide Trustees and/or Managing Agents with the best possible solution.

While many Bodies Corporate are efficiently managed and are financially sound, many have levy defaulting unit owners and as a result struggle to function operationally, often leading to general decay of a building and therefore unit value.

STS works with its clients to achieve an operationally functional entity without prejudicing the paying owners within the Body Corporate. The STS team offers its clients specialist skills in both Sectional Title Law and funding structures, which has allowed us to put together unique funding packages for Bodies Corporate who require tailor-made solutions.

Funding extended by BC Funding Solutions, utilising our lending model, assists:

Community Schemes to maintain their obligations required by the applicable sectional title legislation (for Sectional Title Bodies Corporate) and contractual and constitutional obligations (for Homeowners Associations)
The Community Scheme’s financial position, preventing unit owners who pay their levies from subsidising their non-paying co-owners
Community Schemes in offering their non-paying unit owners debt rehabilitation opportunities so as to protect their home ownership and to avoid expensive legal costs

BC Funding Solutions offers flexible funding terms, including:

Repayment terms of between 12 and 60 months for project funding (terms longer than 60 months will be assessed on a case by case basis)
Interest servicing versus interest capitalising terms for arrear levy funding
Repayment flexibility and capital moratoriums

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