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Mandela Day 67 Minutes At The Midrand SPCA

When Sectional Title Solutions heard about the break-in and destruction of the Midrand SPCA offices on 11 July 2019, the company immediately joined forces with another charity organisation, JustOneThing365 to find out exactly what the SPCA needed.

Not only did we supply blankets, food for both cats and dogs, kennels, food bowls and treats, we also supplied new uniforms to the SPCA staff, as their uniforms had been destroyed. Sectional Title Solutions did not just drop off the goodies, but had many staff members visiting the SPCA to spend time with the dogs, cats and staff, assisting with feeding, playing and spending time with all the animals.

Sectional Title Solutions has a deep love for the animals of this earth and will continue to share the love in future endeavours. 

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